The legendary Sam Rayburn used to say, “If two men agree on everything, one’s not thinking”, so who’s doing the thinking?
— Alex Karjeker

As Texans, we have a long history of practical, independent thinking, guided by our fundamental values. The way we've solved problems has shown people across the world how we think, what we value and fundamentally, who we are. And when we disagreed, we listened to each other, thought creatively, and found a way to move forward.

But lately something’s been different. For some reason, we don't get to choose our ideas anymore - just our colors. 

Our community deserves something better. If we can upgrade our phones, fix our cars and maintain our homes, why can’t we do the same for our politics?

It's time for a new politics. One that opens the debate, respects our opponents and cherishes our common ground.

My name is Alex Karjeker. I grew up in Clear Lake and am a product of our schools and our community and I'm running to be your State Representative in Austin.

Over the next ten months, I hope you will join me in thinking about how we get back to reasonable debates, civil disagreements, and a government that makes decisions after listening to everyone’s voice.